If you are planning to paint the exterior of your house, have you ever wondered what is the best month to paint outside? The exterior of your house is something other than what you can do at any time in the season. You last saw someone on an elevated ladder painting in the winter months.

You can do an exterior painting from May to October. Early fall and summer typically provide the most favorable conditions for weather, with minimal rainfall and a low fluctuation in temperature between day and night. It ensures that the paint adheres to the surface easily and can cure and dry correctly.

Why do paint jobs on exteriors appear to only occur during a certain season? It’s not because people don’t want to be outside painting in cold temperatures!

How Warm Should It Be To Paint Outside?

According to experts, the best temperature to paint outside is at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It shouldn’t drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Even when it’s hot in the daytime, it will only be able to create a solid film if temperatures are high during the night.

Summer is the ideal time to have your exterior painted. Although summer provides consistently dry weather and typically doesn’t get a lot of precipitation, this season can also come with extreme temperatures. If it’s hot outside, it can cause paint to dry excessively fast, resulting in unsatisfactory results.

As a result, it can cause ugly marks from the brush, and even clumps of paint drying on the brush are placed onto the freshly painted surface. (Not to mention that this isn’t a good idea to paint in extreme heat and scorching sun.)

It’s always best to look at a day that’s not too hot. Also, keep an eye on the humidity levels too. Paint is usually dried the most efficiently when it’s not too humid. As we said, you’d typically have the most pleasant temperatures from May to October, according to your location. Keep to this year’s seasons, and you’ll most likely enjoy fantastic painting conditions!

How Long Does Exterior Paint Need To Dry?

It is generally believed that the exterior paint you use will withstand any light rain in two hours. In the range of 4 hours, it is safe to use to withstand rain. It is contingent on the temperature, humidity, and color. Low temperatures, high humidity, and dark shades make drying slower.

What Should You Avoid Doing?

There are some things to be aware of when painting your home.

Don’t Paint When It’s Wet Outside!

Beware of rainy days and ensure that all surfaces you’ll be painting are dry. You must end up with a perfect application. Even if you are applying water-proof paints – it’s still best to apply them on dry surfaces and dry them under nice weather. Its waterproof properties would only work once the paint is dry on the surface.

Don’t Paint Outside An Acceptable Temperature Range!

It’s best to avoid attempting to paint outside in the winter months since it’s generally too cold for the paint to dry properly and cure. Certain days may be too hot to paint because of high temperatures and can create issues when drying the paint. 

Be aware of the temperature during the night also, as the paint is still drying, and you’ll want to be sure that the conditions are ideal. It’s contingent on the kind and type of paint you’re using, as there are a few variations. Consult a professional if you need clarification on whether the conditions are suitable for painting exteriors.

What Is The Best Month To Paint?

The window for painting is closed at the beginning of October as temperatures begin to fall and precipitation is more likely. In this period, temperatures start to drop to below freezing at night. Painting your house during this period, between late April and the beginning of October, can result in the most effective outcomes.

Hiring a Professional Exterior Painter

The exterior of a house is a big undertaking, especially for an individual. It could involve working on high ladders, long hours in the sunlight, and the danger of creating a huge mess. It could even be hazardous. It’s possible to put all the effort into yourself only to end up with a painting you’re not thrilled with.

If painting the exterior of your house is a task that seems too difficult to tackle by yourself, don’t worry. There’s a reason why companies are dedicated to perfecting their craft. M & D Painting will take care of everything you can’t complete, typically resulting in a better paint job.

Our professional exterior painters have served the Bay Area area for years. So, trust us when we say we have the perfect combination of skills, tools, and expertise to help you. We’ll tackle the exterior painting task and save you the hassle of painting your house. M & D Painting will work with you to figure out the most suitable time to paint the exterior of your house.


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